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With much love I present to you Luminous Five!

Constant evolution always takes us where we need to be, at the right time and for the right reasons.

In the dream, she (my grandmother) and I were on a wooden balcony. It semed that with the passage of time, small, almost invisible cracks had been made in the wood, like small stretch marks on our skin.

The balcony protruded from the side of the rocky mountain slope, almost as if it had been embedded in it all its life, it was painted in color like turquoise and its paint was already a little cracked in places and worn down.

My grandmother was sitting and I was standing, my right hand on her left shoulder, while she rested her right hand on top of mine.

Time seemed to not exist, we were facing the void as if we were waiting for something, only the clouds were visible, and the small drizzle that moved gently with the wind, first to one side and then to the other, there was also the top of a tree that seemed to be dancing with the wind, the tree had grown right there on the slope next to the balcony.

Suddenly with the wind and from the air as if it were a path, out of nowhere came five little girls who entered through the part of the balcony that had no railings, it was as if it were an entrance or exit to the abyss. The girls were five years old, they looked like quintuplets, all dressed the same, with warm clothes and the same color as the balcony, they had a handkerchief tied on their heads.

As soon as my grandmother saw them landing on the balcony, she smiled and once they were all together she greeted them as if it was a hello from the soul and at that exact moment she told me: “Now go feed them”.

I approached the girls until we were facing each other, I bent down to greet and feed them, not knowing why they were there, I felt clueless at that time. Now I know.

When I decided to change the name of Tribe Healing, I sat down with my drum and played it until I received what I had come for; the little girls themselves told me what it had to be called and that was how Luminous Five came out of being inside, where I have been feeding them since the day I had this dream and now from my heart I know that all this happened because they are ready to come out as the Luminous Five we are, to continue helping <3.

Pura Vida!


Sound Healing & Shamanic Practitioner

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