It warms my heart to know that you are feeling the pull to work with me. I truly feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you.

I would like to invite you to join my community, where we can explore and expand our spiritual paths together. I believe that we can learn so much from one another and support each other along the way.

As we embark on this journey together, I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level and connecting with you in meaningful ways. So if you’re ready to take the next step, I would love to hear from you.

You may email me at

If you are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color), special energy exchange options are available upon request. Healing should be accessible to everyone, and I am committed to ensuring that financial considerations do not serve as a barrier to receiving support and guidance on your healing journey. Please feel free to reach out to discuss options for special energy exchange arrangements.

In the meanwhile, I would also like to invite you to follow me on Instagram and join our online community.

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Changed my whole perspective
Went for a sound healing sessions at Carolina’s. It was very personal and beautiful , it was a unique experience , something different. I am a singer myself , consider myself well ear trained and have all the grades etc but what happened to me in that session changed my perspective towards music. It amazed me how by singing , drumming can heal a person , can emit those frequencies and vibrations and can change the mood completely. Carolina’s singing isn’t celine dion style but definitely gave me goosebumps and sent me to wonderful places. Now in my music I started to explore more , to feel more the music , to vibrate , shake with the music , to let my emotions out and listen more within and the higher energies.
I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a different type of healing , a healing with an experience. -Maria J., Gozo.

The sound healing was really an amazing experience. Carolina is such a nice person filled with love. The healing did help me through my difficult period. I was totally heartbroken being cheated on after a relationship of 26 years. She guided me to search for my inner self. Afterwards we texted and it was so nice to read her encouraging words. Thanks Carolina, you are a magnificent person. -Ann D, Gozo.

A unique experience
I attended one group session with Carolina at Amchara Spa Resort and another one to one session at Carolina’s place in Gozo. She has truly amazing gifts, a modern healer with the wisdom of ancient tribes. In both sessions she was kind, professional and explained very well the process of the session. In our one to one session, she took the time to understand my concerns, my history and my emotional blockages as well as my ambitions and aspirations. Following the work with Carolina, I felt much more grounded, lighter and able to go through my days and my commitments with an inner sense of easiness, and not fear as before. Carolina is above all a kind and humble human being, with an authentic and deep rooted love for others. A unique experience. -Mihaela, Gozo.

A memorable experience
I was gifted this session as a birthday present from my boyfriend. It was an entirely new experience for the both of us and one which we which exceeded our expectations as it really left us feeling very calm and relaxed and set the perfect tone for our holiday in Gozo. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it! -Guljha, Gozo.

Carolina of Luminous Five truly lifts one’s spirits
I attended a sound healing with the beautiful Carolina in Gozo at the Amchara Spa Resort in Gharb. Carolina is the real deal, bringing with her the authenticity of her Costa Rican heritage. The session started with a thorough explanation of how the session would progress and the chance to discuss any worries or concerns. We then got really comfortable and the sound healing began. Carolina used a variety of different instruments as well as her own voice, which is incredibly beautiful and so big for such a petite lady. I felt that she was able to tune into my own energy and that she was able to transmit to me the perfect vibrations for a wonderfully healing which was simultaneously relaxing and energising. It was lovely to speak to her afterwards and to connect as Carolina is truly wonderful, warm soul with the power to channel energy for a wonderful healing experience. I can’t wait to visit her again. -Molly, Gozo.

An amazing session
We all need healed how we do it is the question. I am a therapist/healer myself and love giving to others and sometimes forget i need healing too. I went to Carolinas session and it was an experience i will never forget. I realised that the toxins I released over the next few days where probably a storage of emotions and moments that i certainly didnt want. A bit nervous of what had just happened to me i called Carolina to share my experience. She explained in detail that this was amazing. Her calming voice her sincerity and care is outstanding. You know you have ongoing support and you have made a friend for life. You are changing lives thank you. -Geri, Gozo.

Sound healing session
Meeting Carolina for several sessions makes my spirit, my soul, my mind, my body and my heart to open up more to higher vibrations and higher dimensions. Lifting me high while knowing more myself and where I come from. Very grateful for your medicine Dear Carolina. -Dominic, Malta.

Sound Healing Session 1-2-1
Thank you to the lovely Carolina @tribehealing in Gozo, Malta for the most beautiful 1-2-1 sound session. 90 blissful minutes of self nourishment. The best new year present I could give myself. From our first communication I felt I’d met a kindred spirit and knew I was in safe healing hands. Carolina made me feel so welcome and wrapped me in blankets to ensure I was warm and comfortable. She listened to me with loving kindness and adapted the session to ensure I got the most benefits from it. I felt truly cocooned. The beautiful sounds of Carolina’s voice and instruments (including crystal and himalayan singing bowls, rattles and drums) lifted me and took me on my own inner journey. I allowed myself to become one with Madre Terra. The erupting volcanoes, the rivers running through the earth, the mighty winds and more. What a joy to reconnect again. Thank you Carolina for guiding me, for your special attention, wisdom, love and healing. -Cecilia, Gozo.

A divine experience
Carolina is such a beautiful soul. She makes time free during Christmas holiday for me and a friend to give such a relaxing sound healing. Carolina was recommended by a friend of my son who passed away. She was like a present to me. After the session, I feel my body reorganising again. This took a few weeks. Now my body and mind are in balance again. This is realy good. Carolina is a sweet person. She asks now and then how well you are after the healing. Big hug to share this nice experience Carolina. Myriam, Gozo.

Carolina does amazing and heartfelt work, the sound healing journeys have brought so much joy and awareness into my life. Her compassionate and intuitive style of teaching is warm and refreshing making big big lessons easy to grasp and receive, so much love and thanks ✨? ♥️ -Luc, Gozo. 

Carolina’s Sound Journeys are really something wonderful to experience. with her voice and powerful instruments she takes one on a journey through the world of vibration and frequencies. I felt carried away by beautiful sounds, yet deeply connected within. Thank you Carolina! -Isabell Scholl, Gozo. 

I have been to Tribe Healing for both a holistic massage and sound healing. She was not only amazing both times but also helpful with any questions I had before and after as well as keeping in touch from one session to another. Truly a soulful experience. -Gisèle, Malta.

This was an amazing journey, that reminded me of what is important.
Thank you Carolina for your guidance through your beautiful vibrations ? -Maria Möller, Gozo.

Me han encantado las sesiones, siempre termino fuerte y llena de paz. Caro tiene un gran don!!! -María Ester, Skype Session.

Sound healing session
Carolina is a person who will give you the most joyful and reinvigorating experience. Her session makes me feel connected and one with my identity and what lies around me. I feel so appreciative that we have crossed paths and feel truely lucky and thankful to have her here on our islands. ??✨⚛☯️♾?-Claire, Gozo.

Grounding and opening experience
Carolina took great care in guiding me through the sound healing session. She is truly open to listen and share her wisdom. The sounds were magical, and felt more grounded immediately after the session. Grateful for the experience ❤️-Rebecca, Gozo.

A beautiful journey together
Carolina is a very gifted beautiful soul. I’ve never had a sound healing before and it just had to happen the way it happened. I can’t describe in words how comfortable and peaceful I felt. Everyone should have a session like this to restore and reboot the energy that’s stored in your cells. A true detox for body and soul. I can’t be thankful enough for the opening you created for me, a path dusted off to show me a new direction in life. Bless you! Love –Fieke, Gozo.

There are no coincidences.
Whatever your belief system, wherever you are in your life’s journey, we fully recommend a session with Carolina. Maybe you’re looking for a deep healing, maybe you’re tweaking your well-being, maybe you’re just curious. Whatever your reason, you will be respected, you will be cherished, you will be loved and you will emerge feeling closer to your true self. This is our truth. –Olivia and Karim, Gozo.

Es una gran experiencia la terapia de sonido con cuencos y demás instrumentos, hicimos una sesión por skype ya que soy de Costa Rica pero es como estar ahí mismo, en la misma habitación que la guía, respecto a ella es una persona maravillosa que inspira confianza eso hace mucho mas sencillo la sesión, es una experiencia renovadora que me ayudó de un mal momento en mi vida, sacudir todas esas malas vibras y salir a cumplir todos los sueños. Ver el mundo desde una perspectiva diferente y empezar mi despertar espiritual. 100% recomendado -Coke, Skype session.

Tribe healing is the most profound medicine journey through sound I have experienced. Tapped into ancient wisdom, land and ancestral lines, my journey was both deep, insightful and realigning. An oasis of calm and healing within a world of busyness. Firmly recommended to anyone needing some rest, regeneration, insight or clarity. Powerful yet soothing. A gift x x x x x -Gayle Murphy, Malta 

Reencuentro y Sanacion
Poder encontrarse consimismo en un espacio de total respeto, confianza y compresion, es un Bello regalo que podemos brindarnos desde la integridad de nuestro Ser. Gracias querida Carolina, por acompanarme en el apasionante Camino de autoreconocimiento y liberación. Y por inspirarme atraves de tu ejemplo a confiar, saltar, jugar, reír y fluir con y en la Vida. –Ale, Malta

What a truly fantastic amazing experience! This is surely one not to be missed, never knew these kind of sessions existed, the sounds and the ritual just send you to a new dimension! Loved every second!! -Kiki D, Malta

Healing for the soul tribe
If your intuition draws you somehow to the “Tribe Healing” in Malta and Carolina…well…you have already made a decision: to take your own healing seriously and consequently restoring your connection with your soul, your “soul tribe” and life itself. Carolina is a very gifted healer, absolutely professional, respectful towards her ancestral knowledge but also grounded and open to different kinds of insights. Regarding my experience, the massage and the sound healing sessions “touched” blocked areas in my body & soul and literally put me in the “washing machine” for some time afterwards. The purification process and its effects, accompany me still, 1,5 months after the session, in a very subtle, gentle(!) yet profound way… Precious experience overall! Bottom line, if the text above and below resonates somehow with your current “reality” – look no further. Tribe healing is for YOU. “This life’s dim windows of the soul Distorts the heavens from pole to pole And leads you to believe a lie When you see with, not through, the eye.” William Blake -Oly T, Malta

Amazing and unique experience
It was a really amazing and unique moment where through sound and vibration you can reach a meditative state of mind. In my experience it was like a trip where Carolina took me with different sounds and vibrations to different stages of my life, where I could experience a combination of feelings like excitement,happines,love, freedom, peace culminating in an harmonic relaxation point that lasted for a long period of time. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this. Highly recommended. Carolina is very professional. Thanks! I will for sure come back. –AlexaRuess, Malta

Most profound
One of the most profound experiences of my life. Through sound, vibrations and other means I was brought into a meditative, mindfull and restorative state. I had a meeting of sorts with my own well-being and became aware of my imbalances. This was the first time I got to experience real healing. I find it hard to describe with words, those who have experienced something similar will understand. I recommend this to anyone and will for sure come back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Alexander L, Malta

Carolina is a gifted therapist with a unique ability to facilitate a profound healing. My session with Carolina was a process of moving deeper and deeper within, letting go of thoughts until a state of peace was effortlessly reached. The vibrations and the sounds of the bowls brought harmony and balance on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her beautiful, gentle presence and energy is a joy to experience. -Caragh, Ireland

“I’m so great full with the universe and Carolina!
She made me feel so spiritually fulfilled and peaceful with her magical hands and those Tibetan singing bowls. For real I believe we all deserve with all the stress in our lives to take some time off and get in touch with our own spirit, thanks to tribal healing for giving me the opportunity to get that exactly what I needed.
I recommend you to give yourself the opportunity to experience one of this insightful moments!” –Maria Teresa Hidalgo, Costa Rica

 “I didn’t know what a singing bowl even was, but my friend convinced me to try it out a session. I’m happy I did, since it has been one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had.
It honestly felt like a massage, without being touched at all. Will keep coming back for more.”  –Roland V., Costa Rica

I have known Carolina both as a personal friend and as a therapist for over ten years. Carolina is a rare breed of healer who offers her entire self to the healing process of others. She has practiced and honed her skills to such peaceful perfection. She is an experienced and mature practicioner and coach who can assist others in their own journey toward vibrational wellness and peace. Through participating in her services, you may just find a hidden treasure locked within your very soul! I know I have. I am truly honored to call her friend, coach and therapist. –Leslie Anne Grill, USA

“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” Beethoven (1770-1827)