Sound Healing Room at Luminous Five

We have been in our new home for a month now, feeling and receiving the beautiful blessing energies from The Ggantija Temples, the second oldest temples in the world.

After a month assimilating all the moving of the waters of my body and getting used to the new space, (we have to remember that all processes take time to digest and integrate) I feel deeply honored to be able to share the corridor of energy that flows through this place, so you too, can receive what these ancient powerful stone temples are sharing with the world.

Acknowledging the way of the landscape and listening to the wind as I watch the clouds above have only sharpened the connection with the whole entire earth, allowing me to remember and to focus on the things that truly spark the soul, this to me is a way to continue my work in this world. 

The day after we moved here, I heard a very loud familiar sound outside but my brain was questioning the sounds as how could that sound possibly be here!? I went outside to see and to my surprise I had a lovely visit from one of the spirits of the jungle… a parakeet, can you believe it!!! What does a parakeet do in the middle Mediterranean! You could ask the same question about me! Then again we are where we are supposed to be and the timing is always perfect! Maybe it was my grandmother’s spirit… I stood there listening to the sounds and receiving the incoming messages.

Energy works in such an incredible way that the universe wanted to make sure I was going to listen and sent another surprise. 

Walking into my healing space another bird appeared, a bird inside the room! How could that be?! I almost couldn’t believe it. I had to hold the Spanish Sparrow to take it outside, feeling his heart in my hand was returning me to paradise, the light inside.

I set it free, or perhaps it was he who set me free <3

Living so close to these ancient temples have brought a lot into my life in such a short time,  that I can feel so much respect for the stones, the people and for every creature, plant and tree here in Gozo.

As you hear the parakeet, wherever you are in the world, close your eyes to receive this intentional energy wave from this space to yours, to help you restore the connection with yourself, with your soul, to bring you joy, happiness and love. ?

Prayers and offerings for all of us have already being given for the temples, the birds and the land <3

Pura Vida!


P.s. Just as I was uploading this, another sign from the universe appeared.

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