Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

This is the flower of life created in the water as I played my Tibetan Singing Bowl in a pool. Not only are the sounds incredible, you can even hear them under water! But they also have the power to transform everything they touch, is beyond comparison if done properly.

I first started working with sound 17 years ago, inviting sound into my Soul sessions that I used to offer in my first practice, but have being playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls for over a decade. No matter how much I get to know them I always learn something new, not only how the sounds can shift our lives but how deeply and profound their touch is. It takes decades and dedication to truly get to know them, to create a harmonious relationship with the bowls because your heart calls to to sit with them even when you are all alone, and most of all for one to get to know oneself at a profound level.

When you play a Tibetan Singing Bowl you are opening many pathways, that is why it is so important to know who you are receiving this kind of healing or therapy from, as you don’t only receive what the bowls transmit but your energy can also get altered or entangled by the person playing and that can be very dangerous in energy work.

Practitioners that are still living in a extractive shallow matrix of the world and don’t really know themselves because they are still wearing the mask imposed by society’s standards would only be able to help you to the extent that they are living, that is why also it is so important to see beyond what is presented when allowing others into our energy field.

People can only help you in the areas they already have helped themselves, and that is what makes a great coach, therapist, or medicine person. So if they haven’t worked their own shadow how are they supposed to help you? If they have not yet come to their own acceptance how are they going to help you reach the highest levels of your own being?

How can you recognize if your healer has done the work? Look at the mask they are wearing. If they cannot even accept their body, their wrinkles, their hair, that means they are not in tune with the earth and their own cycles, so run from there. That is working only at the surface and not the deep layers of integration of our whole being.

I always recommend to know your practitioner. This is so important when you are sharing energy with someone at this very intimate level, know who they are and how they carry themselves through the world, because that too will be transmitted to you in one way or the other and many times you can end up with unwanted energies attached to your energy field.

Anyone can play the bowls and make them sound nice, as their sounds are always beautiful almost by default but not everyone will have a relationship with them to truly bring healing into all the levels of who you are.

These days they have become a trend that can actually be harmful if the person playing only pretends to know what they are doing but in reality have no clue. There are thousands of videos and practitioners out there, so get to know them before you decide who to go with, make sure they hold themselves sacred, that they also have credentials not only in Tibetan singing bowl therapy but also in Music therapies if possible.

Like any other tool, Tibetan Singing Bowls are to be used cautiously to begin with. Even though they create harmonious sounds, they can leave someone deaf, cause a healing crisis or even more dangerous results within the body, like perhaps if the person receiving has a certain condition, illness, or neurological disorder. Not everyone can receive or benefit from this practice and you may need a doctors permission to attend a Sound Bath, a Sound Journey a Tibetan Singing Bowl concert, or a Sound Healing session, as those are the names this kind or practice can be referred as to by different people.

People experiencing PTSD, anxiety or severe depression, should know and be cautious that the person offering this kind of therapy or healing can trigger certain circumstances and aspects of your condition and actually create more harm than help.

My advice is to only receive this kind of session from those that actually have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through it, that hold their heart sacred for this kind of spiritual session as you will also receive their attachments if they have any.

In the photo you see the flower of life emerging in the water, and that is exactly what happens to the person receiving. A properly trained practitioner will be able to create not only that pattern within you but will be able to activate many other gifts you hold within as they share their purest medicine with you.

As a person dedicated to the evolution at the soul level of all beings and to bring connection from the body to the natural cycles of the earth, as a medicine woman, it is my and our responsibility as helpers of the earth to call things as they are and bring awareness into the spaces where light must be brought, so we can help others walk with discernment when seeking help in their spiritual path.

I wish that everything was just love and light but real healing goes further than that, and we can not allow the use of sacred practices to be exploited by individuals who only want to make money from traditions without the proper understanding or knowledge of what they are doing, because they are still living and functioning in an extractive, manipulative, self-serving colonial way to those who are truly seeking soul work.

So if you are doing any soul work figure out if the person offering soul work to you is a real healer or just has a money making practice that is as fake as hair dye.

Just because someone has the tools to look like they have the ability to implement them, that doesn’t mean they have the purest intention to serve the medicine.

Loving you while bringing awareness to the community,


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