As the earth transitions into the winter months in the Northern hemisphere, our bodies also instinctively guide us to turn inward.

Much like trees, whose essence retreats to their roots in winter, our own essence beckons us to reconnect with our emotional roots, unlocking hidden tools for growth.

These emotions, deeply embedded within us, surface when the conditions are right.

When these emotions emerge, our bodies stand ready to plant themselves in the fertile soil of our thoughts, allowing vulnerability to recognize our cycles and honor them with respect.

Recognizing the origins of these emotions, no matter how challenging, is a vital step toward liberation and understanding their true nature.

By allowing this process to unfold, you’ll discover that you’re already engaged in the work. While uncovering your truth may be arduous, staying present with your emotions will reveal new pathways to authenticity.

Even seeds and butterflies endure dark times, yet with patience, I assure you, based on personal experience, that positive transformation will take root within.

Should you require it, I offer to hold space, providing support and courage as you blossom from the depths of your heart, equipped with the tools I am here to offer, so you too can thrive.

With gratitude,


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