Illuminated Seed Private Retreat


This heartfelt, earth-centered offering, exclusively for the remarkable women I have the privilege and honor to connect with and support.

Our one-to-one Retreat is designed for the courageous women on their self-discovery journey, who are ready to take a profound step into ceremony and healing.


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Dear Sisters,

At the heart of my offerings lies a commitment to making this transformative retreat accessible to all who seek it. Your journey is a personal and precious one, and I want to ensure that every aspect of it, including our energy exchange for the retreat, reflects the sanctity of your experience.

Your investment in yourself is a life-changing choice, and it is my honor to offer flexible energy exchange plans tailored to your unique circumstances. These plans allow you to spread the cost of your retreat over manageable installments, aligning with your personal financial flow and easing any constraints, ensuring your presence on this intimate and soul-nourishing retreat.

Each journey is unique, just as you are. If you have specific energy exchange needs or questions, know that I am here for you. Reach out, and we will work together to find the best and most supportive solution.

If you are a woman ready to embark on a profound self-discovery journey, embrace the healing traditions of our ancestors, and find harmony within yourself and the world around you, the Illuminated Seed Retreat is your invitation to transformation.

To reserve your retreat space, kindly provide half of the energy exchange of €1.111 through this offering. This gesture represents your commitment to this transformative journey. We’ll finalize the exchange before you arrive.

My deepest desire is to ensure that your path to self-discovery and transformation is one of ease, accessibility, and grace.

If you feel the call of these ancient lands, now is the time to connect.

With love,


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