Kindle your Vision Ceremony


For those feeling stagnant and seeking change in any area of their lives, this powerful ceremony provides a transformative experience. Through the guidance of this ceremony, you will gain the confidence to face your fears from a place of healing and consciousness, creating a new beginning in your life.



This ancestral medicine is infused with the purest intentions, to support you when you are ready to receive answers about circumstances in your life that you need to change. Our ritualistic ceremony is designed to help you connect with your divine wisdom through the power of the earth’s energies, and to receive guidance from higher forces.

By journeying through the four directions, you will discover the answers that you seek and uncover the hidden truths that your heart longs for. This interactive ceremony provides a safe space for self-reflection and personal renewal, where you can reconnect with the unseen and your intuition, and find the inner strength to unlock the doors that have been closed due to conditioning or past experiences.

This is a three-hour ancestral work that we will embark on together. While it is designed to guide you through the four directions to find answers, it is not a replacement for the longer periods of work that our ancestors have undertaken to find vision.

Our Great Creator will help you remember that you are not alone and that seeking help to change situations is always an option. This powerful ceremony is for those who feel stuck in any area of their lives and are ready to take action to create new beginnings. It will guide you to regain confidence and to face your fears from a conscious space of healing.

Prior to our time together, you will receive special advice to help prepare you for the work, so that we may enter with humility and pure intentions for the ceremony to be blessed. While this offering is conducted online, in-person options are also available at my location.

In addition to the ceremony, you will receive an oracle reading to deepen your understanding of the work, as well as a week of integration to further support your journey.

It is time to answer the call of the universe and to open yourself to the wisdom and guidance that awaits you.