Sound Healing


Welcome to a one-on-one sound healing session where the power of frequencies and sound waves will help you align and clear your energy. As per the laws of nature, sound waves travel through air, gas, water, and solids, and in this session, we will harness their potential to bring you deep relaxation and energetic balance.


For countless centuries, sound has been a trusted ally in the healing practices of diverse ancient cultures across the globe. At the cellular level, sound waves work wonders to release tension, stress, and anxiety, ushering us towards an optimal state of well-being.

Since sound waves can travel through various mediums such as air, gas, water, and solids, we can harness their power to tune in and clear our energy fields. During our sound healing ceremony, we will utilize Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, along with other instruments, to deepen your connection to energy work, foster healing, and restore balance.

As you experience the vibrations of the bowls on your body, either through listening or having them placed physically, you will be transported to a state of homeostasis where your entire being can be renewed. To enhance your healing journey, I will also channel a medicine song tailored to your specific needs, utilizing my voice as an additional tool to facilitate restoration.

Crafted with great care, the Tibetan singing bowls used in my sessions create a harmonious melody that can bring you into an alpha and theta brainwave state, activating your innate healing potential. Through my personalized one-on-one sound healing session, you can cultivate inner peace, tranquility, and harmony, clearing the path for profound levels of healing.

This session is designed to last for 90 minutes, allowing for ample time for a transformative experience.

“Sound is one of the best most powerful tools. All the ancient traditions confirm that in the beginning was the word. Sound sort of predates form. “ – MC Yogi

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